Surge Diverter – Protect Your Home & Modern Devices

A sudden spike in electricity — a power surge — can damage or destroy appliances and your devices in the blink of an eye. A power surge could be caused from using to many electrical devices at one time or from an electrical storm.

Last month, one of our customers lost over 10K worth of appliances due to a power surge. This is not an uncommon occurrence. When too much electricity flows through an appliance at once, the appliance could overheat, break down, or even catch fire.

The easiest solution is to have an electrician install a power surge diverter.  A surge diverter is a piece of equipment that diverts excess voltages (caused by spikes in the electrical supply) to earth - protecting sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.

Retailers will try and sell you an individual protection device to care for your new electrical products. However, a professional surge diverter installed into your homes main switchboard will protect the whole house.

A basic surge diverter can be installed in your home or office for a minimal cost. This is a small price compared to the cost of replacing damaged electrical goods. Call us today to find out more.

Qld grants to spark battery investment - Solar Power

**For ALL Queensland Homeowners and Small Businesses***

The Government has announced it will be providing millions of dollars in rebates to enable Queensland households and small businesses to install solar battery storage systems - helping us to cut our power bills.

You can jump online and apply for interest-free loans of up to $10,000 and grants of $3000 to purchase batteries or combined solar-battery systems.

We don't provide solar power installation or products. However, we think this is a great initiative and wanted to share this 'Green Energy' solution news. ♻️♻️

5 Reasons to Make the Switch to LED Lighting

With Energy providers continuing to increase their prices, one of the ways you can proactively maximise your savings is by switching your old Halogen Downlights to energy efficient LED Downlights. Lighting takes between 10 to 20% of the average Australian household electricity spend, if you do make the switch from old technology to new lighting solutions you can expect to see significant cost savings - plus a range of other important benefits.

1. LESS ENERGY USAGE REDUCES YOUR POWER COSTS - Halogens use about 50W of power. The new energy efficient LED Downlights use only 10W or less. This will save you around $40 per year for each light fixture, based on an average of 30 light fixtures. Our average households save over $1000 per year on your lighting bill.

2 OLD HALOGEN LIGHTS ARE A FIRE HAZARD - Halogen lights operate at up to 370C, which is a lot of heat. Over the past five years there have been a significant number of fires in Australia related to halogen Downlights. LEDs are recommended by the QLD fire Department as they omit low heat making them the safe option for your family and your home.

3. MORE COLOUR & TEMPERATURE OPTIONS - LED Downlights are available in a wide range of colours, fixture settings and temperatures, giving you many choices to express your personal style. You will have countless options to add lighting depth, style and set different lighting moods in your unique spaces.

4. BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - Less energy being used by lighting means reduced CO2 emissions, which is much better for the environment. You will also be taking up less landfill due to the superior lifespan of the LED Downlights. Your LED Downlights will likely last till you move out of the house!

5. SUPERIOR TECHNOLOGY WITH EXTENDED WARRANTY - Our LED fixtures offer superior technology, the new polycarbonate material used to house the LEDs have been designed for Australian standards to not rust or discolour due to the salty air. This is one of the many reasons, as Sunshine Coast tradies, J & P Electrical love working with this high quality product. Each fixture has a 4 Year warranty.

Your trusted Sunshine Coast Electricians.

DIY Outdoor Lighting Tips

As the warm weather and BBQ season sets in, we are getting lots of requests for the installation of outdoor lighting.  For entertaining purposes, good lighting is just as important outdoors as it is indoors – not only will it allow your friends and family to move around safely, but it helps create ambience.

Here are a few tips for those who want to do DIY.

  • Never use indoor lighting for outdoor applications (especially Christmas lights).

  • Always conceal and tuck away any loose cords to protect kids and your family pets.

  • Make sure the power outlets are cleaned every couple of months to prevent fires. Be aware of spiders when doing this.

  • On the Sunny Coast, it’s a good idea to purchase outdoor lighting that is marine grade. This will increase its resistance to the elements and their durability.  

  • Create a plan before you purchase your lights and other decorative pieces. This will save you time and money.

  • Bunnings and Beacon Lighting both have a great selection of outdoor lighting options.

You can turn your backyard into a stunning showpiece with the right choice of outdoor lighting. For any questions or projects you want advice on or professional assistance with, please contact us at any time. Your trusted Sunshine Coast Electricians.

Kitchen Electrical Safety

One of the major causes of household electric fires are caused due to the faulty use of kitchen appliances. Take extra care when using kitchen appliances while avoiding contact with water and warm surfaces. Make sure that:

  • You don’t leave any electrical equipment unattended while it is working.

  • Combustible objects are kept away from the cooking area.

  • All the appliances are unplugged when not in use.

  • No appliances are used in wet condition.

  • Refrigerator coils are vacuumed quarterly.

  • No appliances are repaired while they are still plugged in.

  • Any grease or buildup in the ovens and grills is cleaned regularly as it can cause a fire.

  • All the cords are kept away from water and hot surfaces.

  • Microwaves and refrigerators are well ventilated.

  • All smoke alarms are installed and tested yearly for complete protection.

Free Safe Home Visit - Fire & General Home Safety

You can never be to safe when it comes to your family and your home. We’ve seen many hazards and electrical disasters in our times. We’d like to inform you about a FREE service provided by the QLD Fire Department called Safehome.

Safehome is an initiative of Queensland Fire and Emergency Services designed to assist all householders with fire and general safety in the home. Once the hazards are identified you can then take steps to eliminate them. Firefighters will visit you upon request at a time convenient to you.

By submitting this request, you agree to Queensland Fire and Emergency Services collecting the personal information you have provided to assist with making and administering a Safehome visit.

Safehome is free and only available to Queensland residents. Visit